FAS is specialised in commercial aviation projects planning and development.

Our incomparable market understanding ensures the most appropriate solution for even the most complex aviations project - in a regional and in an international context. This sets the scene for innovative, practicable solutions. Put into practice, they are the key for smooth operations and they help secure investments in the thriving airport business.

In every project we face new challenges and opportunities. But, with the right network, tools, and expert skills, no mission is impossible. Having the freedom to work independently and together with strong partners, we add unsurpassed value to what the industry’s pipeline still holds in store.



The identification and weighting of the various airport operation criteria that affect future cash flows are key to assessing the financial feasibility of the proposed investment programme.
Our business and financial plans have been analysed, checked and challenged by a number of financial institutions on numerous occasions. We can therefore proudly say that our business plans are bankable documents!



No airline will commence operations to an airport that has made no effort in attracting its main customer.

FAS has been active in airline marketing and aviation programmes for a number of major international airports and has carried out smaller assignments as part of overall projects.

Our ongoing frequent contact to the world’s airlines is key to ensuring a high level of communication and securing potential airline customers for our airport clients.



MRO projects typically go hand in hand with high investment volumes. This requires a solid base for making sound decisions.

Once our feasibility study confirms the project’s viability, it also means that there is sufficient market potential to proceed, all technical requirements will be met and - from a financial perspective – the go-ahead will be supported by the robustness of the business case.

We are doing all consulting support for MRO certification procedure by EASA 145. 


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