FAS is a renowned industrial expert and internationally recognized airport provider with exceptional skills in airport and airlines management and operations, commercial developments, transactions and strategic fine-tuning. Besides the expertise, clients value. FAS's unsurpassed understanding of the international aviation market.

FAS has a strong track record of major aviation projects. Over the last 6 years, FAS has successfully completed more than 10 consulting projects in Easter Europe.

FAS predominantly serves aviation operators and aviation investors. 

With a team of three full-time employees and a double-digit pool of excellent freelancers and network-partners, FAS is always ready to tackle the most sophisticated project challenges with the right team.

Oleksandr Laneckij

Oleksandr has successful 10 years of business development and sales experience in different business aviation and real estate projects in Baltic states, Easter Europe and CIS market


Laisves ave. 60 Vilnius

Lithuania  LT-05120


t +37069916200

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